• Welcome to Honors Chemistry! 

    Tips for Success:

    We use Google Classroom for communication. Please be sure you enroll in the Google Classroom section for your class period immediately. We will also be using the UT Quest system for online homework assignments. Directions for obtaining a UT EID and enrolling in Quest are on Google Classroom. 

    If you are having trouble with something, get help immediately.  If I am not at my desk, wait a few minutes; I may be running off copies or in the prep room. Every chemistry teacher in the building is an excellent instructor and will be willing to help you. Please see the posted schedules for chemistry department tutoring. Any teacher in the department can help with concepts from the class. 

    Your textbook is your friend! Log in through the NEISD launchpad service and click the myHRW icon.

     Philosophy:  I love putting chemistry and growth-oriented students together.  In all of science, but especially in chemistry, your analytical brain and your creative brain are constantly talking to each other.  Physical science, develops the connections in your middle brain, and helps you to learn higher-order thinking skills.  That will be invaluable in every area of life.  This is one of the reasons most high school students study chemistry.  Chemistry is useful to everyone.  From cooking to fertilizing your lawn to roach-proofing your house or apartment, chemistry can find practical application in your life daily. 


  • Honors Chemistry Syllabus

    How do I contact you?  

    Please email ecompt@neisd.net. If you would prefer a call back instead of email, please let me know and provide a contact number. I answer emails within 24 hours during the school week. 

    How do I get on Google Classroom?

    Students:  Joining Google Classroom requires a specific class code. Please email me for assistance and include your class period. 

    Parents:  Please email me to be linked to your student in the Google Classroom system. I will have the system send you an invitation to connect with your student. 

    What are the percentage categories for grading in Honors Chemistry?

    Tests 40%

    Experiments/Labs  30%

    Quizzes 20%

    Classwork/homework 10%

    When will progress reports/report cards be distributed?

    Progress reports are available at the 3 week and 6 week mark in Skyward Family Access. Report cards are released in Skyward at the end of each 9 weeks.  Contact the NEISD helpdesk for assistance with your Skyward account.