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    First of all, I want to say I am so excited about this upcoming year! Every year poses new challenges and changes and this year will be no different! I have been teaching Social Studies since 2015 in varying subjects. I've taught 8th grade U.S. History in Austin ISD, 7th grade Texas History in Leander, Sociology, World History, AP World History here at Johnson, and am now excited to take on AP Human Geography! 

    I am originally from a small town in Idaho but moved to Texas shortly after obtaining my degrees. I graduated from Boise State University in 2013 with dual BA’s in Social Studies and History with an emphasis in Secondary Education. GO BRONCOS! My husband Brian and I married two months later and were Texas bound three days after. We settled down in the Austin area but moved to San Antonio in 2020. Fun fact, my maiden name was Gray. Yes, I went from Gray to Green.

    I have a cat and a husky, who get along well with our two sons Emery and Riley. The cat tolerates the dog, who tolerates the kids. It’s an interesting system and we frequently appear to be in total chaos. I love spending time outside but do so much less in Texas. Humidity is not a thing in Idaho, and I am most definitely not a fan! I am an avid reader and work hard to ensure Emery and Riley are too. We travel to Idaho at least once a year to see my family and enjoy a bit of the country life. I love Disney movies, Dr Pepper, the color green (I joke that I married my husband for his name), and penguins. I’m usually very high energy, and love being a teacher!


  • 1- AP Human Geography

    2- AP Human Geography

    4- AP Human Geography

    5- AP Human Geography

    7- AP Human Geography

    8- AP Human Geography

  • Degrees/Certifications

    • Batchelor of Arts in History, Batchelor of Arts in Social Studies. 
    • Standard secondary certificates in Social Studies and History.

    Contact Information

    Please don't hesitate to email or come to tutoring if you have any questions. I am generally quick to respond.

    Email- lgreen5@neisd.net


    • Any time my door is open before or after school daily.
    • No tutoring Tuesday or Friday afternoons.