Mrs. Rachel Butcher Conn



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in University Scholars - Baylor University MA in Medieval Studies - Fordham University Certified to teach Latin K-12 and English 6-12

Mrs. Rachel Butcher Conn

Update from Magistra Conn (formerly, Magistra Butcher): As of March 18, 2020

Did you know phrase "salvete discipuli" literally means "be healthy, students"?  So, it seems extra appropriate to say this. Salvete Discipuli

What to Expect During Distance Learning: 

In all levels of Latin, you will receive three total assignments per week. Two of these assignments will be daily grades. The third one will be a very short assessment. I will tell you each week if your assessment counts as a quiz or test grade. Until school resumes, all your assignments will be uploaded to Google Classroom.  (The codes are below.) Make sure you are enrolled! There, I will be posting the assignments themselves as well as resources to help you complete them. You will also be sending me your completed work through Google Classroom. (If you do not have internet access, you will be able to pick up physical copies of your assignments as well as drop off completed work at Johnson once per week at the times designated by the school.) Your first week of distance learning assignments will be posted on Google Classroom by Monday, March 23 at 8:30 am. 

I know all these changes feel crazy, but we will get through them together! Don't stress. I miss you all! 

Google classroom join codes: 

Latin 1: y2qenmn

Latin 2: 5agulyx

Latin 3: 3nw4sps

AP Latin: invky4o


About me: 

I, Rachel Butcher Conn, am thrilled to be teaching all levels of Latin for my fifth year here at Claudia Taylor Johnson High School. This includes Latin I, Latin II/Pre-AP, Latin III/Pre-AP, and Latin IV/AP. 

I love sharing the rich language and culture of the ancient Roman world. My favorite part of teaching is getting to know my students during their time in the Latin program. If you are taking Latin this year, welcome to the family! We are a close-knit group, as each year's cohort will stay together until they graduate from AP Latin. Students in my courses can participate in a variety of extracurrcular activities. I sptonsor Latin Club, Korean Culture Club, National Latin Honor Society, and the Certamen team, which competes on the regional and state level in trivia games about classical civilizations and its peoples, languages, and cultures. We are also taking a trip to Italy this summer (July 2020)! 

Here's a little about me: In May 2013, I graduated with honors from Baylor University, where I studied Art History and Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek language and literature). I earned my masters degree in Medieval Studies from Fordham University in May 2015. I concentrated in the social and economic history of medieval England. When I am not teaching, I am probably watching or making YouTube videos, playing with my dog Gatsby, or trying to train my pet parrot Pippa not to bite my finger off. 

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