Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in History - University of Texas at San Antonio M.A. in History - University of Texas at San Antonio Social Studies Composite Certification 8-12

Mr. Justin Felux

I am looking forward to teaching yet another batch of brilliant and creative Johnson students!  I graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2008 with a Bacehlor of Arts in History.  I later earned a Master of Arts in History also from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  I have been teaching here at Johnson since the school opened.

I have recently received an "Outstanding Teacher of the Humanities" award from Humanities Texas.  I was also a finalist for the HEB Excellence in Education award.  I have been awarded Teacher of the Month at Johnson several times  The recignition that makes me happiest, however, are the numerous students graduatuing Summa Cum Laude at the end of the year who have chosen me as their favorite teacher.  Coming to work every day and getting to teach such wonderful kids is what makes me love my job.

In addition to teaching Dual Credit U.S. and AP World History, I am also the sponsor of our school's extremely successful UIL Current Events team.  In the past I have sponsored numerous other student clubs and enjoy working with students on extracurricular activities they feel passionate about.

My goal as a teacher is to broaden the minds of my students, to get them to "think outside the box" and consider the perspectives of other cultures and people.  I want kids to come away from my classes feeling like a more well-rounded person who is interested and curious about the world.  Of course, we always strive (with great success) to get high scores on those AP exams at the end of the year and earn college credit, but I prefer to think of those scores as the cherry on top of what has been an enlightening and exciting year of learning history.

Class Announcements

Class Schedule

  • 1st  (8:55 - 9:45 ) - AP World History
    2nd (9:50 - 10:45) - Conference
    3rd  (10:50 - 11:40) - Dual Credit/AP U.S. History
    4th - (11:45 - 12:35) - Dual Credit/AP U.S. History
    5th - (12:40 - 1:30) - Dual Credit/AP U.S. History
    6th - (1:35 - 2:25) - Lunch
    7th - (2:30 - 3:20) - Dual Credit/AP U.S. History
    8th - (3:25 - 4:15) - AP World History