Mrs. Truong

Phone: 210-356-4200


Degrees and Certifications:

BA English from Texas State English Language Arts and Reading (4-8) English Language Arts and Reading (8-12) English as a Second Language (EC-12) Generalist (EC-6)

Mrs. Truong

Who is Mrs. Truong? Let's find out shall we...

In 2008 I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts from Texas State University with a major in English and a minor in history.  My teaching certifications include English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8 and 8-12), English as a Second Language, and Generalist (Early Childhood-6).  I have taught professionally at Reagan High School, MacArthur High School, as well as Hardy Oak Elementary.  

The way that I approach the classroom is summarized best in my teaching philosophy: 

Knowledge is attainable to all that enter into my classroom.  My role as a teacher is to facilitate learning in the most successful format for each community of learners.  So in turn, instruction comes from myself, fellow students, as well as from the world within which we live.  My greatest aspiration is to inspire my students to realize their own potential.  This self empowerment makes the pupil an active participant in their pursuit of knowledge, thus creating a lifelong learner. 

My passion lies in teaching English and Reading (especially for 8th graders).  In this year long journey together I hope to ignite a passion for reading, writing, and always striving for your personal best.
  • Mrs. Truong's Class Schedule


    8th Grade Schedule

    1st 8:25-9:15

    2nd  9:19-10:09

    3rd 10:13-11:03

    4th 11:07-11:57

    5th 12:01-12:51

    C Lunch 12:51-1:21

    6th SMART 1:25-1:52

    7th 1:56-2:46

    8th 2:50-3:40

  • TRY ACADEMIC UIL!!!  Show the mastery and knowliedge you have by joining UIL. 

    On Driscoll Middle school campus I am the Academic UIL coordinator and Dictionary Skills coach.   

    The subjects for academic UIL are the following:

    • MATH
    • CHESS