Hello Everyone - If you have looked at the Assignment for Week 1 on Google Classroom, please leave me a message in the comment section so I know you have accessed the lesson.  Please email me at kwiles@neisd.net if you have any questions.


    Hi! This is Mrs. Wiles' 7th grade Reading webpage.

    This is where you will find your "Distant Learning" lessons.

    They will be in Google Classroom. I have put the codes up for anyone that needs them but I think everyone is already a member. You can contact me through Google Classroom or my email, kwiles@neisd.net

    I miss y'all!!!  Take care, work hard, and I'll hopefully see everyone on April 6th♥

  • Google Classroom Codes

    1st Period        affzhgy

    3rd Period        2vzntd5

    4th Period        vmgwrdu

    5th Period        srdlcpn

    6th Period        i65wp5d

    7th Period        lexlyx5

    8th Period        k7iknwi

  • Hello everyone!

    I know you may have many questions about school work, and reading class at this time.

    There will be two options for distance learning at this time. There will be a packet of work for the week available at the main office, OR, the course content will be available via Google Classroom. We will be using the same classroom course we have used this school year. I have recently updated the rosters and made sure that all students are enrolled in the Google Classroom course. 

    Instructions for getting to Google Classroom:

    Visit www.neisd.net

    Click on 'Launchpad' and login using your NEISD login that you use for the computers at school.

    Click on the 'Google' tile, then once the menu opens, click on 'Google Classroom'

    The class will be listed as 'Reading' or if you have been recently added, it will have you accept the invitation, then you will be able to access the course. 

    Everything there can be completed digitally, and there is no need to print anything, unless you choose to. Everything can be submitted through Google Classroom. You will have the whole week to complete the assignments. There will be resources and videos to help you with them.

    Google Classroom is accessible via any internet capable device, including gaming consoles.

    If you have any questions at all, about the work, or how to access the instruction, you can contact me through Google Classroom, OR, by e-mail. Please don't hesitate to ask if there is anything I can assist you with.



Summer Cubs game!
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