Degrees and Certifications:

MEd Learning Design and Technology BS Science Education with a focus in Chemistry BS Chemistry

Mr. Shane Pulliam

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I am a graduate of the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Bear Down Arizona! I have two degrees; both achieved in 2006. One of my degrees is in the field of chemistry. The other degree is in science education. That means that not only can I understand the simple, and the complex, concepts of the world of chemistry, I can also teach it; which is a good thing because teaching is my life's calling.

I finished the last part of my journey into education in 2021, when I achieved my Masters of Education in Learning Design and Technology, which I received from Arizona State University.

Teaching Experience:

Texas is the third state in which I have taught. I have taught in two other states, Arizona and Colorado. I have experience teaching different science subjects, including Earth science, biology, physical science and, of course, chemistry. My passion is chemistry. I have had the pleasure of teaching general chemistry, honors chemistry and Advanced Placement chemistry for over 15 years. Most of my career has been focused on chemistry. This is my third year teaching in San Antonio, and my first year at Johnson High School.

Teaching Philosophy:

I feel it is important to understand how I teach and the reason behind it. I teach using a Socratic method of teaching. This means that I do not just give out answers. I believe that the most important part of learning is learning how to think. What questions should a person ask herself/himself to come to the best understanding of the content? What is the best way for a person to find the answers to her/his questions? For this reason, I ask students questions that will allow them to think their way to the answers that they seek. This critical thinking is what will allow them to be successful in school, in their career, and in life. 

This also means that I believe that the best understanding is experienced, not just taught. Each of the students in my classes do not just get talked to about science; they experience science through hands-on activities and projects that allow them to come up with their own ideas and understanding. Each student will have the opportunity to perform labs that highlight the concepts, discuss the concepts and her/his understanding with peers, and to demonstrate her/his understanding through various mediums that include quizzes, tests and projects.

As a teacher, it is my role to guide learning, to teach how to be a critical thinker and to assist in showing the world what each student understands.

  • Period 1: General Chemistry I

    Period 2: General Chemistry I

    Period 3: Conference

    Period 4: Honors Chemistry

    Period 5: Lunch

    Period 6: Honors Chemistry

    Period 7: Honors Chemistry

    Period 8: Honors Chemistry