• We are excited about this upcoming year! This year will be marked with hard work and celebrations.  Please check back often for updated information and important dates. 

    Please contact Mrs. Cobb at mcobb1@neisd.net  or Mrs. Koehl at jkoehl2@neisd.net if you have any questions or concerns regarding senior class information. 


    Claudia Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson High School

    2019-2020 Senior Timeline




    April 29

    • Graduation Invitation Delivery:
    • Pickup procedures:

      1.  Time schedule:  2 PM:  A - L last name;  3 PM:  M - Z last name
      2. All cars enter through the bus circle according to the attached map. There will be a path set up and items will be handed out in front of the gym.
      3. Everything will move fast if you are pre-paid. If not, you will be asked to move to the side to process your payment.
      4. As you receive your cap & gown and other items ordered, you will also receive your honor cord and NHS stole if you have qualified for them.
      5. Please help out by staying in our cars and wearing a mask when working with the Jostens employees and our counselors.

      Invoices were emailed to everybody yesterday regarding your order, paid in full, or still owing payment. Invoices were sent to the email address that each student provided on order day. Please check personal emails, student email accounts, Spam folders for an email from High School Achievements. 

      If you have a question you can email info@highschoolachievements.com  and they will get back to you as quick as they can.

      If you still need to place an order for cap & gown, if placed and paid in full by Sunday, April 26, it will be included in the delivery on April  29.   www.highschoolachievements.com   The biggest delay will be if you have to pay in person at delivery. Jostens will not give out items that are not paid in full. Please make sure your order is paid in full beforehand to speed up the delivery process.  If you still owe money on your order after Wednesday, you will need to arrange a time with Jostens to pick up your cap & gown.

      Plans are still in the process for an in-person or a virtual graduation. At this time we do not know all the answers on what we will be able to do. We will share information on the type of graduation ceremony that will take place as soon as we can.

    Friday, May 1

    • Deadline to submit pictures for the Senior Slideshow:
    • Seniors need to submit one (1) baby picture, one (1) current picture, and one (1) group picture (any age) for the slideshow to ctjseniorpics@gmail.com.
    • Make sure to include your name.

    May 20, 21, 22 & 26

    • Senior Final Exams


    Graduation Events are still tentative. We will update this information as soon as we get word from the District.