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    The Connected Classroom

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    Our District is excited to announce the Connected Classroom, an iPad (K-2) and Chromebook (3-12) lending program that enables students in K-12th grades to have a designated device for use both at school and at home. Through this initiative we can ensure that our students have access to the tools they need to further their education and thrive in the digital age. iPads and Chromebooks are the ideal tools for students to complete assignments, research projects, and collaborate with peers because they are portable, durable, and simple to use. 

    Checking out a device for your student ensures that they will have access to technology and the vast resources it provides to enhance their learning throughout the school day as well as when they are at home.  These devices are governed by the NEISD Internet content filter when connected to any wireless network, which helps to protect students from inappropriate content, while providing access to a range of instructional resources and apps that enhance learning.  

    Please follow the three easy steps below to reserve a device for your student:

1) Lending Agreement

  •  Between August 7th - September 13th 

    Skyward logoVisit Skyward Family Access and complete the Technology Lending Agreement form if you want a device checked out to your student for school and home use.

    Important!  If using the APP on your phone, please select the "Open In Browser" option on the Accounts screen to see the form.

    Note: A paper copy of the form can be obtained from the school office if you prefer that instead.


2) Device Insurance

  •  Between August 7th - September 13th   

    School Cash Online logoVisit School Cash Online and purchase Device Insurance (Credit Card or eCheck) - $25.00.  (Click here for directions

    Note: A cash payment of $25.00 (no checks) can be made at the school if you do not want to pay with credit card or eCheck.


3) Device Pick-up

  •  Between September 3 - September 20   

    Chromebook and ipadEach campus will send out information regarding specific device checkout dates and times within this timeframe.  You, or your student (if authorized on the Technology Lending Agreement), may retrieve the device from the school according to the information that is shared.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these devices filtered to help protect my student from inappropriate content while on the Internet?

  • Is there any reason to check out a device if we don't have Internet access at home?

  • Is my student expected to bring the device to school each day?

  • Who do I contact if I completed all the prerequisites to have a device sent home with my student (Lending Agreement and Device Insurance), but no device is being sent home?

  • If the device is lost or damaged, do I have to pay an additional $25 for insurance to get a new device?

  • Do we get a refund of the $25 Device Insurance if the device and charger are returned in good working condition?

  • Should we checkout a device even if my student rarely has school work to complete at home?

  • Should we check out a device even if we already have technology at home?

  • Will my student be able to use technology at school even if we don't check out a device for home use?