• General Information

    Course Availability

    Courses listed in this guide are not offered at all high school campuses.  Some courses listed in this guide may not be offered every semester and/or every year. A student may not be able to enroll in every class he/she planned to take during a semester. For this reason, the student should talk with his/her counselor about alternate courses during the course planning process. If a student fails to select alternate course choices, they will be placed in classes based upon needed credits for graduation, established Program of Study, 4-year plan choices, coherent sequence and endorsement options, and available space.  

    Schedule Changes

    Students select their courses in the spring semester for the upcoming school year, and the master schedule will be based on that information. The master schedule is built, faculty and staff are hired, and room assignments are made based on student choices.  Students will be able to see and change their course requests pending availability through May 26, 2023 by contacting their counselor.  After this date, no course changes are allowed.  

    In order to schedule efficiently, student schedules will not be changed to select different teachers, lunch periods, or alternate courses.  Teacher change requests will only be considered if a student previously failed a course with the same teacher and if another teacher is available. 

    Schedule corrections will be considered as soon as possible and only for the following reasons:

    • The student is a senior and does not have a course required for graduation.
    • The student does not have the prerequisites for a course.
    • Course credit was previously received
    • A data entry error made by the school (i.e.- two third-period classes, or a schedule that does not contain the full number of classes.)
    • Student has been dismissed from a program where approval must be granted for placement.

    Dropping Course

    Students and parents should give careful consideration in choosing courses since changes will not be granted after the last day of school of the current school year.

    Honors, Dual Credit/Enrollment, and Advanced Placement AP® classes may be dropped up to the 9 week mark of a course or at the end of the semester. The decision to make a level change will need to be made between the teacher, parents and school administration in the best interest of the student. Students are required to follow campus procedures regarding level changes. Campus administration has final approval on all level changes. 

    Please note: “WD” is assigned as a result of the student’s request to withdraw from a course after the first four calendar weeks of a course. “WD” as a semester average is calculated as a “0” for the purpose of class rank. All schedule changes are to be completed by the first four calendar weeks of a course, and no student should withdraw from a course after the first four calendar weeks of a course.