Professional Learning Community

An ongoing process in which educators work collaboratively in recurring cycles of collective inquiry and action research to achieve better results for the students they serve.

  • What are Professional Learning Communities

    Professional Learning Communities (PLC) provide educators with the tools and processes to shift the focus from teaching to student learning. The PLC model gives our schools the framework for determining a guaranteed and viable curriculum, and builds teachers' capacity while working as members of high-performing, collaborative teams that focus on improving instruction along with the learning of ALL students. The PLC framework in schools is built on a solid foundation consisting of a shared mission, vision, values, and goals; collaborative teams working interdependently to achieve common SMART goals with a focus on results that produces evidence of continuous learning.

    How Your PLCs Can Benefit Your Campus

    All teams, including art, P.E., music, elective, and other groups who often work in isolation on their campus are part of the process. Collaboration is not confined to the building or classroom. The PLC process allows for teachers to reach beyond the building walls to form a collaborative team. A PLC also includes professional support staff, such as, special education teachers, GT teachers, librarians, and others, as integral members who support the work of collaborative teams. All teams meet to answer the 4 fundamental and critical questions of the PLC process.

    • What do we want students to know?
    • How will we know that they have learned it?
    • What do we do if they didn’t learn it?
    • What do we do if they already know it?

    NEISD has embraced this process and will continue to actively support all staff in this important work. We will ensure that ALL students in NEISD will learn at high levels. PLCs provide the framework for all staff to work collaboratively for the success of ALL.

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