• Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

    PatchThe U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AJROTC) was established under the National Defense Act of 1916 to “instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the values of citizenship, service to the United States, and personal responsibility and a sense of accomplishment.”  With more than 1700 programs, 314,000 cadets and 4000 instructors worldwide, AJROTC continues a 100 year plus year legacy of serving the developmental needs of our Nation’s youth.  AJROTC is not a military recruitment or preparation program; it’s a citizenship program focused on the development and growth of young people so they may become productive members of society.  Our mission is “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” 

    The NEISD AJROTC program began in 1968 with the establishment of programs at Winston Churchill High School, Legacy of Educational Excellence (Formerly Robert E. Lee) High School, Douglas MacArthur High School, and Theodore Roosevelt High School.  As our District grew, so did the interest in AJROTC district, leading to the establishment of a program at James Madison High School in 1983.  AJROTC became an essential component of the NEISD high school experience.  Future campus designs would include AJROTC facilities to host programs at Ronald Reagan High School in 2000 and Claudia Taylor “Lady Bird” Johnson High School in 2008.  In 2015, our community approved a bond for the construction / modernization of JROTC facilities across our District.  NEISD JROTC now enjoys some of the most modern JROTC facilities in the Nation.

    With over 1200 cadets enrolled, NEISD AJROTC has grown to become one of the most popular elective activities offered.  Over the years, our competitive teams have earned local, state, and national titles, making them among the very best in the country.  Over the years, our cadets have earned millions of dollars in scholarships and attend the most prestigious universities and colleges in the country. Many have chosen to answer the call of service and proudly serve our Nation as a member of the armed forces.  Others have joined the work force as highly productive members of society.  NEISD AJROTC carries on a proud tradition of developing young men and women of character with the capacity and desire to succeed. 


  • 3 Reasons to Join JROTC

    JROTC is a high school Citizenship and Leadership development program through seven units of classroom curriculum instruction, use of integrated (extra) curricular activities and balanced with participation in volunteer community service and service learning projects.

    Joining a JROTC unit is the one way for students to explore military service with no commitment to join the military.  

  • College & Career Readiness

    The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) prepares students for potential service and/or joining ROTC at the collegiate level.

    ROTC is the largest commissioning source for U.S. Army officers. ROTC units are spread out around 274 different college campuses around America.

  • Scholarship Benefits

    JROTC has a robust number of scholarships that both high school and college students can apply for. High school students can apply for ROTC National Scholarships. Students selected for a National Scholarship will receive either a 4-year scholarship or a 3-year advanced designee scholarship to pay for college.

  • Leadership Development

    In our Military Science classes, cadets learn leadership techniques that help them to progressively lead larger groups of people. Their skills are tested by leading fellow Cadets during basic military skills training as well as organizing and executing volunteer activities in the local community.

  • Campuses offering JROTC

  • Extracurricular Activities & Teams

  • Drill
  • Color Guard
  • CyberPatriots
  • Air Rifle
  • Land Navigation & Orienteering
  • JLAB