• Approved Vendors

    How to Search for Approved Vendors

    The Department of Procurement requires all purchase orders to include a bid number.  When ordering from a vendor from whom we do not receive processing, please make sure the vendor is on the bid list.

    How to Search for NEISD Bids

    1. Go to Purchasing Tips/Vendor Lists –  Location: neisd.net > Departments > Procurement/ECommerce > Purchasing > Purchasing Tips/Vendor List. (Must be logged into MyNEISD.)
    2. Click on VENDOR BID LIST/PO Code List
    3. Search for specific vendor by Using "CTRL F" on keyboard.
    4. If the vendor is approved by NEISD, it should be highlighted and listed next to a bid number.  See example below:


    *If the vendor is not found on this list, there are two (2) other places to look for this information.

    How to Search Purchasing Cooperatives:

    North East ISD also has purchasing agreements with Purchasing Cooperatives. Procurement accepts bids/proposals from these cooperatives when the vendor is not on the Bid List.

    1. Go to Purchasing Tips/Vendor Lists –  Location: neisd.net > Departments > Procurement/ECommerce > Purchasing > Purchasing Tips/Vendor List. (Must be logged into MyNEISD.)
    2. Look for and click on:  COOPERATIVE PURCHASING VENDORS LIST
    3. Internet Links to the cooperatives and Instructions for Accessing the Vendors will be found on the list of Purchasing Cooperatives.
    4. Click on the internet link and follow the instructions to search for the vendor.

    All of the cooperatives are acceptable, however, it is suggested that ESC-20, DIR, TCPN and BUYBOARD be accessed first.

    Sole Source Vendors

    Definition of a Sole Source Vendor: the only vendor that sells a specific product.
    Example of a sole source product: Gale Databases – Gale databases are sold only through Gale Cengage.
    Example of a non-sole source product:  3M Tattle Tape – 3M Tattle Tape can be purchased through multiple vendors.

    The following comment must be added to your purchase order when using a Sole Source vendor:

    Sole Source Vendor – NO BID FOUND

  • Vendor Processing Specifications

    A Cataloging Committee was formed in the Spring of 2013.  The committee is comprised of librarians from all levels, the Library Systems Coordinator, the Library Director, and led by the Library Processing Coordinator.  The committee oversees all cataloging and processing specifications, and any changes to the specifications must be approved by the committee

    Vendors from whom we accept processing:

    • 01 Perma Bound
    • 03 Follett
    • 04 Garrett
    • 05 Bound to Stay Bound
    • 07 Mackin
    • 09 Davidson Titles
    • 11 Junior Library Guild
    • 12 Capstone
    • 13 Delaney Educational
    • 14 Children's Plus
    • 15 DLB
    • 16 Sebco
    • 17 ABDO
    • 19 Penworthy

    00 • 77 • 95 • 99 represent locally processed items

    18 - Thorndike Press/Cengage - We receive Marc Records & Barcodes, but unattached

    NEISD barcode sequences are set up as follows:

    50 (first two numbers) = the district

    XXX (next three numbers) = the school’s org number

    XX (next two numbers) = the vendor’s code

    50-124-05-8912345  an item for Woodstone Elementary from Bound to Stay Bound

    If you mistakenly receive an item directly from the vendor, please call the Library Processing Bookkeeper

    Current Processing Specifications have been approved by the Cataloging Committee. 

    Last revised 09/2017.

  • Ordering Policies

    You may order from any vendor on the NEISD Bid List.

    NEISD accepts Processing from vendors who have met our criteria on the quality of their physical processing and MARC records.

    The DNE on orders to Processing Vendors cannot exceed $1,000.

    Orders from vendors that are not on the Processing Vendors list below cannot exceed $1,000. *(Large print orders from Gale/Thorndike Press will be accepted for up to $1,000.)

  • Vendors Providing Processing

     Follet logo     garrett book logo


    Davidson Titles logo     Home Page - Browse website | Penworthy Prebound Books 


    Children's Plus logo     Delaney logo


    JLG logo   Capstone log


    Makcin logo    Perma Bound logo


     Sebco logo    ABDO Publishing Logo