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    The Board of Trustees is a group of seven elected public officials who govern the North East Independent School District.  Our expectation is that your children will receive the finest, comprehensive education in a safe and secure learning environment. 

    Feel free to email us at board@neisd.net .  We welcome your comments, questions, or concerns.

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    Board & Superintendent Team 

    The North East ISD Board of Trustees and Superintendent make the "Team of Eight."

    Sean Maika, Ed.D., Superintendent
    Shannon Grona, President
    Sandy Winkley, Vice President
    Sandy Hughey, Secretary
    David Beyer, Trustee
    Steve Hilliard, Trustee
    Omar Leos, Trustee
    Terri Williams, Trustee 

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  • Deliver or mail written communications to:

    8961 Tesoro Drive, Suite 602
    San Antonio, Texas 78217

    For specific board member information, contact:

    Peggy Turner, Administrative Assistant

    Telephone: (210) 407-0541

    Email: pturne@neisd.net

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  • Shannon Grona
  • Steve Hilliard
  • Terri Williams
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