About Us

  • Mission Statement
    We challenge and encourage each student to achieve and demonstrate academic excellence, technical skills, and responsible citizenship.

    Core Values
    Academic Rigor, Excellence, Integrity, Security & Service

    Board Goals

    • NEISD will prepare our students for college and workforce readiness by challenging them to maximize their knowledge, technological skills, and potential for learning through both academic achievement and personal excellence.
    • NEISD will provide and maintain safe, supportive, and equitable learning environments for our students.
    • NEISD campuses will serve as centers for community involvement.
    • NEISD will develop and promote positive relationships through communication, involvement and partnerships with our community.
    • NEISD will emphasize character development and civic responsibility.
    • NEISD will continue to use best practices in its efficient and effective management of District resources.
    • NEISD will recruit and retain exemplary employees committed to student excellence, best practices, and professional growth.
    • NEISD will foster a culture of health and wellness among our students, staff and community.

    Adopted 11-30-09 Revised: 5-2-14