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  • Strong Passwords

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     Important Notes: Campus decision as to HOW and through WHO will complete this lesson

    Examples: 5 devices in a classroom, kids rotate through to change their PW

    A lesson in class, complete at home, show X period teacher

    All XX classes will complete in class this by XX date

    Advisory period teaches, change PW on VDI in science




    Flowchart posters for classrooms

    How To print outs (biz card size)


    1 class period (45 minutes)

     Completion Date:

    Friday of 2nd week of school



    • Warm-Up:
      • Ask students when they use passwords or what accounts they have that use passwords. (Ex: School, social media, gaming, etc.)
      • Ask if the students have a different password for each account.
      • Ask if the students believe their password(s) are strong.
      • Ask why it matters.
    • Lesson:
      • Testimonies of students or people who have been hacked
      • Watch Video
      • Activity - what makes a strong password?
      • How do you even dooooo this? (tutorial videos, handouts)


    Student Action:



    Setup Your Password Recovery Questions

    Visit https://aka.ms/ssprsetup to create your password security questions, recovery email, and recovery phone number   


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