Register your class for the Hour of Code event on the Hour of Code website. Then have your students participate in an Hour of Code the Week of December 4th.
Available Coding Tutorials

New Hour of Code activities available each year! Check it out!

Using a computer, laptop or Chromebook? Take a look at the available coding tutorials. Be sure to use the arrows to look at the different activities.

Right-click on the VDI computers and click on Hour of Code to take students directly to the site.   


Students learn basic programming concepts, lesson plans are included for most applications.

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Code Monkey

Teacher dashboards offered as well as fully-guided lessons plans and video tutorials.

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Tynker provides teacher guides and answer keys, many coding activities and STEM activities.

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Apps for Mobile Devices

These are some of our favorite apps for coding. The link to the app is available for each one so you can download it onto your mobile devices. If you find others that you like better, feel free to use them with your students.

Lighbot One Hour of Coding

Download from the App Store

Lightbot One Hour of Coding '14

Download from the App Store

Scratch Jr. K-2

Download from the App Store

Scratch Jr. Task Cards

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Create Your Own Google Logo

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No Devices? No problem!!

Not having devices available to use during this week shouldn't keep your students from being involved in the Hour of Code. Watch the video below to see how your class can still participate.

Special Thanks to our Volunteers!!

Thanks to Rackspace for getting involved with our students and teachers in the Roosevelt Cluster.
Thanks to the USAA volunteers for joining us this year!
Your involvement with our campus is greatly appreciated!