North East ISD educates more than 60,000 students across 70 campuses and is the second-largest school district in San Antonio and tenth largest in Texas.

Over our 70 plus year history, families have invested to create top schools, hire the best teachers, and update technology to deliver a vibrant and dynamic quality education.

Families from across the country are attracted to North East ISD thanks to our numerous paths to success as an accredited school district by the Texas Education Agency.

In partnership with our families and our community, NEISD’s mission is to challenge and encourage each student to achieve and demonstrate academic excellence, technical skills and responsible citizenship. We partner with world-class universities, innovative businesses, nonprofit organizations and engaged community leaders to prepare our students for college, career and life.

Discover the endless opportunities at North East ISD.

History of the District

When seven rural schoolhouses combined to create the North East Independent School District in 1955, the area 10 miles north of The Alamo was still farmland, ranchland and chaparral. Yet, the newly formed North East ISD attracted families desiring a quality education and the best schools in San Antonio, Texas for their children.

Superintendent of Schools

As the superintendent, Dr. Sean Maika strives to discover what our community desires and explore how we, as a district, can deliver.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of seven elected public officials who govern the North East Independent School District. Our expectation is that your children will receive the finest, comprehensive education in a safe and secure learning environment.