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  • The Construction Management and Engineering Department is directly responsible for the daily implementation of all construction programs. Our school facilities have a direct impact on the quality of education that our students receive. Therefore, we seek to maximize the participation of all stakeholders in the planning, design and construction process in order to provide community-centered schools of exceptional quality to the students, staff, and citizens of the North East Independent School District.

Contact Us

  • Garrett Sullivan - Executive Director of Construction Management and EngineeringGarrett Sullivan
    Executive Director
    E-Mail: gsulli@neisd.net

    Tanya Ballez

    Contract Administration Supervisor and Office Manager
    Office: (210) 407-0438
    Fax: (210) 804-7272

CM&E Department Staff Directory

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  • Administrative Assistant
  • Assistant Director
  • Bond Contract Specialist
  • Bond Data Processor
  • Bond Purchasing Specialist
  • CADD Technician
  • Contract Administrator Supervisor and Office Manager
  • Coordinator Procurement & e-Commerce
  • District Architect
  • Divisional Comptroller - Operations
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Executive Director
  • MEP Inspector
  • Office Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Project Facilitator
  • Receptionist
  • Senior Contract Administrator
  • Senior Director
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Warranty Data Processor
  • Warranty Inspector
  • Warranty Manager
  • Warranty Specialist
  • Web Administrator
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  • Bond Support Staff
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Planning & Design
  • Contract Administration Services
  • Engineering
  • Executive Office
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