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    The Board of Trustees is a group of seven elected public officials who govern the North East Independent School District.  Our expectation is that your children will receive the finest, comprehensive education in a safe and secure learning environment. 

    Feel free to email us at board@neisd.net .  We welcome your comments, questions, or concerns.

  • Board & Superintendent  

    Board & Superintendent Team 

    Standing from left to right: Sandy Hughey, Secretary, Tony Jaso, Vice-President,

    Shannon Grona, President, Dr. Sean Maika, Superintendent, Terri Williams,

    Sandy Winkley and David Beyer

    (Not pictured is newly appointed Board Member, Omar Leos)


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  • Deliver or mail written communications to:

    8961 Tesoro Drive, Suite 602
    San Antonio, Texas 78217

    For specific board member information, contact:

    Marie King, Executive Associate, Office of the Superintendent

    Telephone: 210-407-0553

    Fax: 210-804-7017

    Email: rking6@neisd.net

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