• Make up assignment for 9/11 Ceremony





    Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to make up for missing the required Patriots’ Day Ceremony on September 9, 2019.   This event was outlined in the course syllabus given to you at the beginning of the year.


    Assignment:  You are to write a paper about Patriots’ Day.  The paper must be a minimum of 2 pages typed or printed, and must cover the following topics.


    1. A timeline of the events that happen on September 11  
    2. How has the impact of 9-11 changed from 2002 through today. What events resulted domestically and internationally from the attack on 9-11.   Be sure you provide details of these events and what were the outcomes if any from these events/actions.


    Due:  This assignment is to be into MAJ Groggett or CSM Sizer by Monday September 16th in class or via

     e-mail at tgrog@neisd.net or rsizer@neisd.net  .  All late work will receive grade deductions in accordance with the schools grading policy.