• ¡Bienvenidos a Español 2 y 2 Honores!


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    This is an intensive course of Spanish language. Students are encouraged to study on a daily basis, keep good notes, vocabulary and expressions organized in a way that they can access them quickly when necessary.

    Students will have plenty of opportunities to participate and practice the language in the four forms of speech (speaking, writing, reading, and listening) and they will be evaluated that way.

    First semester: Students will be provided with the vocabulary and expressions that will enable them to interact with other people: they will be able to describe themselves and others, not only including physical characteristics, personality traits, feelings, but also share activities or things they like to do, activities that are part of their daily routines. Using the same language structures, they will talk about people in their family, people they like. Students will learn about the customs, traditions and holidays of Spanish-speaking countries (in Spanish) and will share some of their own culture. 

    Second semester: They will learn and talk about different dwellings, how they are similar or different to the ones in their community, as well as describe tasks, chores and other activities people do there. Finally, they will learn highlights about people in the Arts (music, painting, sculpture, theatre, culinary arts, fashion, etc.), will describe some of their work, share their opinions and explain their points of view about their art.