• 2021/2022 Impact Report


  • The Johnson Library provided board and card games on Fridays during all lunches to create a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Our library hosted monthly reading promotions such as “Black History Month - Who Is it?” in February and in December, “These Villains are Getting Coal in Their Stockings” to encourage library patrons to read, participate, and feel a part of the library community.
  • We hosted a Maker Morning each month that involved all students to create projects such as Jaguar spirit keychains, ghost lollipops, writing notes of thanks, and Valentine’s Day cards for friends and family.
  • Sora Ebooks & Audiobooks are regularly promoted to students during lessons, conversations about books, in their classrooms, and on the library Twitter page. Students are made aware that Sora can be accessed on any device and is always available!
  • We hosted the SAPL Encino Branch Library once a month to promote their teen services to our students.
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  • The librarian collaborated with English teachers to provide genre knowledge and free choice books. Students learned about features of the genres, and then “speed dated” genres to find a book for their free-choice reading selection.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Government teacher and senior classes to show them how to research the library databases and how to use that information to create a campaign video in iMovie.
  • The librarian collaborated with the English I GT/H teacher to determine what literary elements, character traits, and story elements were difficult for the class. The librarian created a Frankenstein Jeopardy game using the teachers' information to help support students’ weaknesses. The students loved it and improved their skills.
  • The librarian collaborated with the African American Studies teacher to produce a project idea, create a research guide, and then co-teach classes using databases, as they learned about The Great Migration.
  • The librarian created a STAAR EOC English I Breakout EDU activity based on teacher class data on areas of weakness to prepare for the upcoming spring EOC assessment.

Students using computer to research

Lesson Spotlight

The librarian collaborated with the English III AP teacher and students to determine the best library databases for their research project. The librarian planned with the teacher to determine student goals, modeled using the databases for the students, and then showed them various features of databases to ensure project success. The librarian discussed organizing the articles that you find in databases, tips for effective search results, and using synonyms to get different search results.



  • The librarian collaborated with other NEISD high school librarians to complete over one hundred book reviews. We discussed the organization of reviews, descriptions given, and next steps.
  • The librarian collaborated with the English Department to schedule 9th and 10th graders for Library Orientation. These classes came to the library for an engaging lesson to learn about expectations, checking out books and magazines, finding information in databases, programs, and activities.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Model UN teacher and class to discuss their research topics, questions, search terms, and best use of the library databases available to them.
  • The librarian and campus ITS collaborated with the English I team to create a Romeo & Juliet digital breakout for students to complete after reading the book, but before the unit test.
  • The librarian collaborated with the Johnson CCMR to inform students and their families about test preparation. The librarian created multiple resources with the CCMR to be shared with those families for tests such as the ASVAB, TSI, AP, and more.

Collaboration Spotlight

The librarian collaborated with the African American Studies teacher to decide research topics, what databases to use, how to use them, and the culminating project students would complete demonstrating new knowledge. Mrs. Schmidt worked through this entire project with the teacher and taught the research parts. She is most proud of this collaboration because the teacher came open-minded, trusted librarian expertise, and ready to work! Mrs. Schmidt and teacher talked about the unit and the students’ end goal.They worked backward to determine what students needed to know and do before beginning their project. Mrs. Schmidt enjoyed this collaboration because she was involved during the entire process from start to finish with the teacher and students and used the effective EduProtocol Thin Slides.


students reading books

Campus Leader

  • The librarian provided training on how to utilize the Google Library Reservation Calendar. The librarian regularly uses Screencast-O-Matic to send out screencasts on how to use library resources such as Learn360, Shmoop, and Learning Express. The librarian has also created Thin Slides to show teachers as project examples and modeled this EduProtocol in tutorials created for both staff and students.
  • In addition to sending out monthly e-newsletters using Smore to the community, the librarian met and helped parents at Johnson’s Greenback Night.
  • The library’s social media account on Twitter is used for the advocacy of many reading activities. In addition to regularly talking to students and encouraging them to be active members of all library promotions.
  • The librarian holds a campus leadership role as the Student Aide Coordinator at the beginning of each semester. During the first two weeks of each new semester, all students who have “Student Aide” on their schedule report to the library during their Student Aide period. The librarian talks to them about their desired location, helps the student complete paperwork, and turns into the counselors.
  • The librarian attended the annual Education Service Center, Region 20 Learning and Libraries Conference and TLA Webinars throughout the year.
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