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Johnson High School Electronic Dual Credit Handbook

  • Please be aware that the Dual Credit process is long and takes several steps to complete. It is critical that you read all the information in this handbook so as not to miss something that could determine whether your student qualifies for dual credit or not. Below you will see blue hyperlinks that will connect you with websites and important resources that we are providing. Please click on these blue links for more details. PLEASE CAREFULLY READ ALL PARTS OF THIS HANDBOOK!! All the information you need to know is listed below.


Dual Credit Information

Dual Credit Steps

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  • Keep Track of all my Data

    Log into ACES

    Please refer to this chart in order to see what test scores will qualify your student for dual credit. Please remember that this chart has all classes taught in NEISD. If you want to know what courses are offered at Johnson, please refer to the section titled DC Courses.

    Read my TSIA2 Scores

    Interpret my TSIA2 Scores

    The Military Verification Form is only required when a student has an active duty military parent(s).  If this pertains to you, please PRINT this form.  You will need to complete it by hand and gain a signature from an authorized personnel representative on your base.  Then please bring this form to the Johnson Counseling Office.  It will be attached to your student's Step 5 dual credit forms. 

    Obtain a Military Verification Form


    Request a SAC Dual Credit Final Transcript