ELAR/Pre-AP ELAR, GT Syllabus 2019-20


    ELAR Distance Learning Book Study Questions- These assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, otherwise, they will be done on paper and turned into the main office. 

    Instructions: Students will log into Google Classroom and answer questions posted by their teacher about what they are reading. This will be broken down by week, and each student's response should be 4-5 sentence answers with text evidence (quotes from the book) to support their answers. Out of the 4 questions provided, students will be required to respond to at least 2.  Students will need to write the question above their written response. 


    Week 1: 3/23-27 

    1. What is the time and place of the book? What evidence in the book tells you this? 
    2. Name and describe the main character in the book. Describe him/her physically and describe his/her personality and history, if known. Then give your impression of him/her.
    3. Name and describe a minor character. Describe her/him physically and describe her/his personality and history, if known. Explain how s/he is important to the story and the ideas of the book. 
    4. Describe the nature of the relationship between two characters. Include their history together and details of their relationship. Explain the significance of their relationship to the book. 


    Week 2: 3/30-4/3 

    1. Describe one important event in the book and explain why it is significant to the story (to the plot, the characters, the ideas of the book). 
    2. Explain one specific aspect of the culture described in the book. Tell how it compares to a specific culture you are familiar with. 
    3. What are your feelings and thoughts about the novel based on one or more specific things you have read? 
    4. Find one specific idea, event, or behavior in the book that relates to real life.  Explain the relationship you see.



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