Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Bachelor of Computer Science Master of Computer Science Certifications: Computer Science (8-12)

Mrs. Evon Barsoum


Greenback Night presentation 

My name is Evon Barsoum, and I am honored to be a member of the Johnson High School family.   I joined Johnson as a computer science teacher in March 2018 . I am married to a wonderful CS professor at Saint Mary’s University and we are blessed with two incredible children, Joyce and Karas.

My educational background includes an M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Computer Science from Cairo University, Egypt, which I earned in 2009 and 2002, respectively. I successfully completed the Computer Science (8-12) TEXES exam and completed a 14-week clinical teaching program at Reagan High School.

My  teaching experience has been developed through diverse educational settings and institutions. In addition to my role at Johnson High School, I have worked as a full-time Substitute Teacher at Jackson Middle School. Furthermore, I proudly held the position of a university instructor at Future Academy, also located in Cairo, Egypt, for approximately six years. During this time, I taught a wide range of Computer Science courses, including Programming Languages (C, Java, C++, and Visual Basic), Databases, Operating Systems, and Web Development.


My ultimate goal as an educator is to inspire my students to work diligently, not out of obligation, but because they genuinely want to learn and grow up with the desire to excel.

I am deeply passionate about teaching and find great joy in increasing my students' knowledge and skills. My dedication to their success increases my enthusiasm for what I do every day.

Together, as part of the Johnson High School family, we enjoy an educational journey filled with growth, exploration, and achievement.



 Thank you!

Class Announcements


    *Tutoring Schedule:  

    Tuesday  & Thursday 8:20-8:45 am 

    *CS UIL regular meeting:

    Tuesday  & Thursday 8:20-8:45 am 









Class Schedule 2022-2023


    1st Period: HONORS  COMP Science 1

    2nd Period:  AP- COMP SCI Principles  

    3rd  Period:  AP -COMP SCI A  

    4th Period:    Lunch

    5th  period: HONORS  COMP Science 2

    6th period: HONORS  COMP Science 1

    7th  period: HONORS  COMP Science 1

    8th period: Conference