Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Multidisciplinary Sciences with a concentration in Physics. UTSA M.A. Multidisciplinary Sciences with a concentration in curriculum writing. UIW

Mr. David Gueldner

    My teaching career started in 2005 and I have been teaching science for (mumble) years now. I love what I do and plan to retire from teaching.  I have both a BS and MA in Multidisciplinary Sciences with concentrations in Physics and curriculum writing respectively.  My favorite sciences to teach are Physics and Earth and Space Science.

    My strongest desires are to help others, and make science less intimidating to those who don't love it like I do.  I have been recognized for my ability to make science easy to understand, by employers and coworkers alike.   

    Please contact me if you need anything.  I am happy to hear from parents who want to make sure my class is a positive environment for their child.  If you have concerns about your child's learning please be sure to email me at  


This link leads to a video introduction to my class from the covid years.  

Mr. G's Earth space class 


  • My Class Schedule
    1st period  Earth & Space Science
    2nd period Conference
    3rd period  Earth & Space Science
    4th period  Earth & Space Science
    5th Lunch (yes I eat food, no i'm not a vampire)
    6th period  Earth & Space Science
    7th period  Earth Space Science