Degrees and Certifications:

BA History, Trinity University History Certification Social Studies Composite Certification

Mr. Kirby Whitehead

I graduated from South San Antonio West Campus High School and attended Trinity University, graduating with a BA in History in 1988. That same year, I started teaching at Bradley Middle School. I was given the  opportunity to open Driscoll Middle School in 1992 and then Bush Middle School as the Social Studies department head in 1998. I helped open Reagan High School the next year.

I currently teach World History AP, Model UN AP Seminar and Research, European History AP, and Modern East Asian Studies (the last two alternate years). I also coach the Model United Nations team, UIL Current Issues and Social Studies teams, and Academic World Quest.

My wife and I live on a small ranch west of town. My two children graduated from college years ago and both live and work in San Antonio.

Class Supplies

  • All students in both the World History AP Modern and the Model UN courses should download the following apps on each of the devices they plan to use for class:

    WHAPM Students, you will need:

    • a blue/black/or purple ink pen for anything written that is then turned in.
    • You will also likely want a pencil for quizzes that have an answer form that needs to have answers bubbled in.
    • You will also want to keep a detailed notebook of class notes, reading notes, and assignments.
      • However, I will not pick up this notebook and encourage you to use whatever notebook system that has worked for you previously. Meaning you can use a binder with dividers, you can have the whole binder dedicated to just World History AP Modern (WHAPM) or have it as a section of a larger binder. If you are having a binder just for WHAPM, I would suggest you get a 1 1/2 or 2 inch three-ring binder. You may use a spiral again, just for WHAPM or a section of a larger spiral.
      • If you are a real notetaker, you will likely want to get a spiral just for WHAPM. Get a size you are comfortable using as it is likely that you will fill up the first one.

    Model UN/AP Capstone Students, you will need:

    • A WHITE Binder with a clear cover insert (1 1/2 in or 2 in)

Class Calendars

Class Schedule

  • FIRST PERIOD: World History AP Modern  
    SECOND PERIOD: World History AP Modern  
    THIRD PERIOD: AP European History  
    FOURTH PERIOD:  Model UN/AP Capstone  
    FIFTH PERIOD:  Lunch  
    SIXTH PERIOD: Conference  
    SEVENTH PERIOD: World History AP Modern  
    EIGTH PERIOD: World History AP Modern  
    FLEX TIME (THURS):    

  • Expectations Button

    Expectations for All Classes and Organizations

    Short discussion of classroom policies, classroom preparation and participation, grading standards, and communication.

    ABC-CLIO World History Ancient Database

    ABC-CLIO Ancient and Medieval World History

    Mainly for WHAP. Quiz Bowl Research List in history and lit. will also be published. See Mr. Whitehead or librarians for login and password information.
    ABC-CLIO World History Modern Database

    ABC-CLIO Modern World History

    Mainly for WHAP. Quiz Bowl research list will also be published. See Mr. Whitehead or librarians for login and password information.