Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and English Masters Of Secondary Education Certified 4th -12th English 6th -12th in Spanish

Gloria Lowe

I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts  in English. I received my teaching and Spanish certification in Indiana and taught at several private and public schools along with teaching Spanish at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

I am certified to teach Language Arts grades 4-12  and Spanish 6-12. In addition, I received my Masters in Education from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. I have taught many different levels of Spanish from elementary to the university level in addition to teaching all grade levels of  English at the secondary level. As a result, I continue to learn new things each year.

I believe that teaching is a lifelong experience and each year brings new experiences and insights that make us all better educators as well as better people.

Greenback Night


  • Schedule 2022-2023

    Monday /Tuesday / Wednesday/ Friday                                                                                                                     

    Period 1 Spanish II   8:50--9:45      

    Period 2 Spanish II   9:50-10:45       

    Period 3 Spanish II  10:50-11:40     

    Period 4 Lunch        11:45-12:35   /Duty on Mondays   

    Period 5 Spanish II    12:40-1:30        

    Period 6 Spanish II    1:35-2:25          

    Period 7 Conference    2:30-3:20        

    Period 8 Spanish II   3:25-4:15  


    1 8:50-9:40

    2 9:45-10:30

    STRIKE Time (2nd, 3rd, or 7th) 10:35-11:15

    3 11:20-12:05

    4 12:10-12:55

    5 1:00-1:45

    6 1:50-2:35

    7 2:40-3:25

    8 3:30-4:15


    1  8:50-9:26

    2  9:30-10:06

    3  10;10-10:45

    4  10:49-11:24 / lUNCH 

    5  11:28-12:03

    6  12:07-12:42

    7  12:46-1:21

    8  1:25-2:00 

    Tutoring is available every Tuesday and Thursday morning and afternoon. Morning tutoring is from 8:05- 8:35, after school from 4:15- 4:45, and any other time by appointment. Please take advantage of these opportunities. If you ever have ANY questions, please come see me so that you can be successful! The ONLY bad question is the one NEVER asked. ALWAYS be the HARDEST worker in the room and you WILL amaze yourself at what you can accomplish!

     ¡Haz que tu día cuente!