Vincent Larson



Degrees and Certifications:

bachelor of science composite science certified biology certified

Vincent Larson

The wonder of the universe has permeated my life from the beginning.  From observing wildlife as a young child to studying science in college.  I have a BS degree in science from UTSA.  I have been teaching science for over 10 years.  I actually spend some of my free time learning about fields that I find interesting.  From modern physics discoveries to exploring for life outside of Earth.   I love most fields of science and incorporate it into many of my hobbies.  For example, like most people, I collect ants.  I have several ant farms that contain native speices of Texas.  All of my ant colonies were started from a single queen.  I am very hopeful that my love of science (and of learning) will be impressed upon students.  I also enjoy several outdoor activities, especially fishing.

Class Schedule

  • 1st period (8:55-9:47) physics
    2nd period (9:52-10:45) physics
    3rd period (10:50-11:40) physics
    4th period (11:45-12:35) lunch
    5th period (12:40-1:30) physics
    6th period (1:35-2:25) conference
    7th period (2:30-3:20) physics
    8th period (3:25-4:15) physics


    While we are dealing with covid-19, I can answer questions via email from 8am-10am.  Please do not limit yourself to this set time.  If you have a question on anything, let me know!