Degrees and Certifications:

bachelor of science composite science certified biology certified

Vincent Larson

welcome video 


The wonder of the universe has permeated my life from the beginning.  From observing wildlife as a young child to studying science in college.  I have a BS degree in science from UTSA.  I have been teaching science for over 10 years.  I actually spend some of my free time learning about fields that I find interesting.  From modern physics discoveries to exploring for life outside of Earth.   I love most fields of science and incorporate it into many of my hobbies.  For example, like most people, I collect ants.  I have several ant farms that contain native speices of Texas.  All of my ant colonies were started from a single queen.  I am very hopeful that my love of science (and of learning) will be impressed upon students.  I also enjoy several outdoor activities, especially fishing.

Class Schedule



    I teach physics in periods 1,2,5,7, and envioromental systems 4th and 8th.   I have conference/lunch during 3rd and 6th period.  


    If you need extra help, please feel free to stop by after school every day except on Friday.  You can also stop by in the morning at 8:15 on Tuesday.