J. Cayce



Degrees and Certifications:

Educated Related: BA English (Secondary Teaching) English Language Arts (Grades 8-12) Reading (Grades 8-12)

J. Cayce

This will be my eighteenth year in education and twelfth year with NEISD.  The 2018-2019 school year marks my third year at Ronald Reagan High School where I am grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful students and brilliant faculty and administration.  NEISD is where my wife and I work, where I send my children, and where I live; we are proud and humbled to be representatives of this great community. 

  • 1st Period:  English II GT / Pre-AP

    2nd Period:  English II GT / Pre-AP

    3rd Period:  English II GT / Pre-AP

    4th Period:  English III AP Langauge and Composition

    5th Period:  English III AP Langauge and Composition

    6th Period:  Lunch

    7th Period:  Conference / Professional Planning

    8th Period:  English III AP Langauge and Composition

    Tutoring will be from 7:50-8:20 in the morning on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday or by appointment.

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