Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Humanities at the University of Texas at San Antonio

Mr. DiPiazza

Greetings! I am the current coach for Reagan's successful debate team, and I also teach English IV and Professional Communications. I joined Reagan High School in the fall of 2017, but I have been a part of the debate community for several years as both a competitor and a coach. I was a policy debater at the University of Texas at San Antonio from 2003 to 2007, advancing to the top 32 at the CEDA national competition during my final year as well as being a member of the first team in UTSA's history to qualify to the prestigious NDT championship tournament. I received a BA in Humanities and spent several years teaching speech and debate at Saint Mary's Hall in San Antonio. In the 2013, I returned to UTSA as the assistant debate coach until 2017. My methods emphasize critical thinking, innovation, and competitive excellence. 



Class Schedule

    1. Professional Communications
    2. English IV
    3. English IV
    4. English IV
    5. Conference
    6. Lunch
    7. Debate I
    8. Debate II, III H, Ind. Study Speech H

    Morning Tutoring Hours: 8:00-8:45am Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. 

    Afternoon Tutoring Hours: 4:30-5:15pm Monday-Wednesday.