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Degrees and Certifications:

Degrees: Bachelor's Degree in Recreational Administration (Southwest Texas State University) Master's Degree in Recreation and Leisure Services (Southwest Texas State University) 9 hours short of 2nd Master's Degree in Educational Leadership (University of Texas at San Antonio) Certifications: Generalist, EC-4th grade Special Education, EC-12th grade Principal, EC-12th grade


I have been a teacher at Reagan High School, since January of 2006; and, I plan on retiring from here!  I, definitely, have a special place in my heart for Reagan High School, Reagan Students/Families, and the Stone Oak Community!  I drive almost an hour and half a day just to work here (and, my sciatica nerve and I hate driving)! This is a true indication of how much I love Reagan Students and Reagan High School!

As far as my own high school experience, I am an Alamo Heights High School graduate from 1984; and, as I reflect on my own personal experiences, education has definitely changed since then!  I believe, wholeheartedly, that education has only improved, with the end goal of student success and productivity being at the forefront.  Academic rigor, student expectations, the quality of teaching, the level of student performance has only become more skilled and refined.

I have only known from the beginning of my employment at Reagan, that I was working for an exceptional school, without doubt!  I only have pride in everything associated with Reagan.  I am happy to be here, each and every day!

Personally, I graduated from Southwest Texas State University with my bachelor's degree in 1989 and my master's degree in 2001.  I, also, attended U.T.S.A. to to fulfill the academic requirements needed to be an administrator.  Additionally, I have a daughter, Maddie.  She is in now in the 9th grade and is a Freshman at a local Catholic high school.  She is the joy of my life!  In fact, she made the Varsity Cross Country Team, as a Freshman, this year.  She has been a Reagan fan, though, since she was two years old!  Besides my daughter, I have a Shih Tzu puppy named Mushu (my daughter named him after the dragon character in Mulan)!

Finally, as an educator, I have dedicated my life to serving others!  I thank you for entrusting your student with us! 






  • 2018/2019 RRHS School Year

    • 1st Period:   U.S. History Co-Teach with Mrs. Parker (WI 266)
    • 2nd Period:  U.S. History Co-Teach with Mrs. Parker (WI 266)
    • 3rd Period:   U.S. History Co-Teach with Mrs. Parker (WI 266)
    • 4th Period:   Government Co-Teach with Coach Sterling (CON 201)
    • 5th Period:   Lunch
    • 6th Period:   Government Co-Teach with Mr. Hicks (CT 217)
    • 7th Period:   Conference
    • 8th Period:   U.S. History Co-Teach with Mrs. Parker (WI 266)