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    Grades 9-12

    Students will discover at Reagan High School that they are capable of achieving beyond their expectations. Reagan High School offers your student a variety of academic, artistic, and athletic opportunities that give life to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation: “The mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.”


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    Reagan High School Teachers...

    ...love teaching.

    Reagan High School is a vibrant oasis where educators nurture and challenge students to rise as high as their gifts can take them. It is where natural talent blossoms when you connect passion and potential with purpose.

    ...are nurturing.

    Your students will explore their potential in classrooms led by teachers with a passion for safe, warm, and welcoming learning environments. Each Reagan High School teacher values individuality, celebrates originality and is trained to recognize that each student learns in different ways. Our teachers provide your student with one-on-one learning opportunities and advocates for your students, your school, and your community.

    ...are innovative.

    Reagan High School seeks and assigns teachers who value teaching methods that enhance your student’s learning experiences. A student attending our school experiences a teacher who embraces strategies that they adapt to serve the personal needs of your student.

    ...are accessible to you.

    Reagan High School teachers recognize that a student’s success is a combination of collaboration and communication with you. Many of our teachers use such tools as Seesaw, Remind, Skyward, and e-mail to keep you updated on the classroom and campus activities that impact your student. Communication with our teachers is encouraged, welcomed, and necessary to shape your student’s learning experiences



Reagan High School provides a well versed atmosphere for potential growth in my educational journey. The many classes available within the schools walls have allowed me to prosper and find what career I am truly passionate about. The competitive environment of the students at the school have allowed me to understand that I am more committed and hungry to be the best that I can possibly be.

-Senior 2023

The teachers are great! The academic program is challenging yet very good. The staff is also very helpful. My counselor was fantastic in my guide to scholarships and college readiness. I feel like Reagan really prepared me for college. And the people there made it worthwhile. There are a plethora of clubs that make every single student feel like they belong somewhere.

-Senior 2021

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    Nobody is more qualified than you to make decisions about your child’s education. You know what is best for your child. You know what makes your child happy, excited, and curious.

    Discover below how we can work together to make sure your child succeeds, achieves, and thrives in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Review Our Daily Schedule & Procedures

    Student and staff safety is always our priority. We must all work together to keep our school safe. Here are some helpful procedures and tips to help our school run efficiently and safely. We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures.

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  • Look Up Grades, Attendance, and More

    Skyward Family Access is where students and parents can find grades, report cards, attendance records, class schedules, and graduation roadmaps.

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  • Set Up Your Student's Lunch Account

    With email and push notifications, parents can stay on top of their student’s account balance. Low balance reminders make sure parents never miss a payment and students always have adequate funds in their account.

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