Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Arts from Texas State-San Marcos Texas Teachers of Tomorrow Certification

Mr. Christian Gonzalez

Hello there, Rattlers!


My name is Christian Gonzalez and I'm proud to say that I'm going on my third year here at the wonderful Reagan High School. I joined the stellar ALE team back in 2018 and was overwhelmed by the sense of dedication, hard work, and compassion that fills the team here. For a brief time, I dabbled in all of all of the core subjects of ALE and now teach the Highly Structured Classroom within our department, which works to safely promote the emotional, social, and educational well-being of our awesome kids!

Prior, to my time at Reagan I came up through this excellent district, graduating from MacArthur High School, and went on to obtain my degree in English from Texas State University in San Marcos. I soon began working in the realm of behavior support and joined the district as a teaching assistant in 2017, where I quickly began learning the world of Special Education and fell in love.  With the unwavering support of my beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters, I was able to obtain my teaching certification and commit to a field full of truly exceptional individuals each with the capacity to give it their all and work with a sense of unmatched passion.

Here at Reagan we foster that idea daily and I couldn't be more happy to share it with our families!

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    Highly Structured Classroom Schedule

    I) Arrival

    II) Reading

    III) Mathematics

    IV) Lunch

    V) Electives

    VI) Social Studies

    VII) Science

    VIII) English

    IX) Life Skills

    X) Dismissal