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Degrees and Certifications:

BA Psychology from Baylor University TEA Teaching Certificate

Ms. Paula Moody-Scott, a.k.a. Pam

Born in Lubbock to Bob & Charlotte Moody. My dad was a Civil Lawyer, focusing in Oil, gas and ranching, and Estate planning, dad practiced Law for 51 years. My mom was a teacher so it isn't unusal for my career path that I have chosen, to end up in the teaching field AND teaching Law. I have one sister, 10 months younger than myself, and we are very close. My sister's family recently moved to Houston from Ohio, so getting together is more frequent. My dad passed away in 2017, he was my ROCK and my INSPIRATION, and I miss him every minute of everyday. My parents were married 65 years. My mom continues to be a source of LOVE and I see her as often as I can. My sister and I were raised in a family where FAITH, FAMILY, AND LOVE were the matre'. My mom and dad were avid snow and water skiers and my parents enjoyed that hobby well into their 70's. Bob & Charlotte also loved to travel and gave the most precious gift of travel to my sister and me. We were fortunate to travel the world in our youth and well into our adult years. In fact, I still love to travel and do so as much as I can. Baylor University was the University of choice for our family. My dad attended Baylor Law while my  mom attended grad school at Baylor. My sister and I both graduated from Baylor as well and although Waco wasn't what it is today, I enjoyed my time there and benefitted from an amazing education. I completed my Bachelor's in Pshycholoy, upon graduation I worked in Dallas, Texas. As my story continues to unfold, I found my life in San Antonio. I worked as an Adult Probation Officer for 11 years and ABSOULUTELY LOVED my work there, it was never a JOB, it was a way for me to be of service to my community. People make mistakes and I was there to help them get back on their feet. I also received my "training" and foundation to teach the Criminal Justice Program. My teaching career started as I was asked to join the Reagan family and teach this amazing subject matter. It is hard to believe I am starting my 23rd year here at Reagan, I consider RRHS home as I also consider my collegues FRAMILY and they have made my calling as a teacher that more rewarding. As you enter into the most fascinating world of Criminal Justice, you will see the PASSION that I have for this subject. Everyone will be touched in some manner by the law, whether it be receiving a speeding ticket or having to serve jury duty, so this class is not only informative but will benefit all who take these courses.

My partner in crime, Jeff, and I have been together for 31 years. We were blessed with a daughter, who is 30 years old and is the light of our lives. Jeff is a St. Mary's Law School graduate and has been practicing law for 45 years. Jeff and I were set up on a blind date and were married within the year. Our love of FAMILY, FAITH and FRIENDS, and JOY and LAUGHTER continues to be our foundation.     

My story will continue as we go through this part of our journey. I am beyond humbled that you have chosen me to be a part of your lives and I look forward to the 2023-2024 school year with you. 


Class Schedule

  • M | T | W | F

    Period 1   ( 8:50 -  9:45 am)    CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS

    Period 2   ( 9:50 - 10:45 am)   CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS

    Period 3   (10:50 - 11:40 am)   PRINCIPLES OF LAW

    Period 4   (11:45 - 12:35 pm)   PRINCIPLES OF LAW  

    Period 5   (12:40 - 1:30 pm)    CONFERENCE PERIOD  

    Period 6   ( 1:35 -  2:25 pm)    LUNCH

    Period 7    ( 2:30 - 3:20 pm)    LAW ENFORCEMENT

    Period 8    ( 3:25 - 4:15 pm)    LAW ENFORCEMENT 


    Period 1   ( 8:50 -  9:40 am)    CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS

    Period 2   ( 9:45 - 10:30 am)   CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS  

    STRIKE TIME (10:35 - 11:45 am)

    Period 3   (11:20 - 12:05 pm)   PRINCIPLES OF LAW  

    Period 4   (12:10 - 12:55 pm)   PRINCIPLCE OF LAW  

    Period 5   (1:00 - 1:45 pm)       CONFERENCE  

    Period 6   ( 1:50 -  2:35 pm)     LUNCH

    Period 7    ( 2:40 - 3:25 pm)    LAW ENFORCEMENT  

    Period 8    ( 3:30 - 4:15 pm)    LAW ENFORCEMENT  

     Tutoring Hours: THURSDAY MORNING 8:15 - 8:40 am