Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. Peking University M.A. Peking University, University of Paris 3 Ph. D. Rice University

Ms. Zhen Ji

I was born in Nanjing, China.  I had chance to start to learn French at the age of 10,  at Nanjing Foreign Language School.  I went to college and graduate schools in China, France, and the US.  I've lived and worked in San Antonio for more than two decades now.

Some of my world language journey highlights are:

Taught French and Chinese at NEISD for more than 13 years,

Earned a Ph. D. in French studies from Rice University, Texas,

Studied in France for 3 years on a French government scholarship, and

Wrote a Ph. D. dissertation in French about the subversive role of China in 20th Century French literature.

I am very excited about teaching French at Reagan High School this year.  I usually spend a lot of time creating my lessons plans and student activities.  I try hard to implement “fun” materials & activities, such online games, videos, and group projects in my instruction.  Making my classes well-structured and enjoyable at the same time has always been my priority.

I am a very caring, responsible, and reliable person.  I love to read, travel, and garden during my spare time.

Welcome to Mme. Ji’s French classes!  Please join me for a new adventure in French.