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Celebrating Your Heritage

During Hispanic Heritage Month, Sept. 15th - Oct. 15th every year it is important for everyone to connect with his/her heritage. Learning and reflecting about one's heritage helps you better understand the world around you. The diverse students at Reagan High School each year celebrate (Hispanic) Heritage Month. They will be providing a picture that represents their family heritage which will allow us to learn about the many different cultures in our classroom. After analyzing the picture, the students will interview the family member that is featured in order to compare their interpretation of this picture. The history the students learn regarding their culture will afford them the opportunity to reflect on what their heritage means to them. They will share their pictures and insights and in so doing will help us all gain an appreciation and deeper understanding of the importance of knowing where you come from and of preserving one’s heritage. I look forward each year in learning more about my students through understanding where they come from and witnessing how proud they now are about their own heritage. Information that might just be new to them!