Mr. Flummer

Phone: (210) 356-1800


Degrees and Certifications:

Major in Speech Communications Minor in English Masters in Communications

Mr. Flummer

 I am happy to begin my 19th year at Ronald Reagan High School and my 21st year as an educator.  My family has had many teachers, my mother and my grandfather to name a few, as well as my lovely wife of 21 years.  She used to teach at Reagan also but is staying home with our children.  My daughter will be a junior at Texas A&M, my oldest son will be a junior in high school, and our youngest son is a freshman at Reagan.

I have an undergraduate from the University of Alabama (home of 17 national championships in football and numerous championships in other sports) in Speech with a minor in English, a masters from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Communication, and my teaching certification and further English studies at University of Texas in Arlington.  My wife grew up in San Antonio which brought us back here (mainly for the free babysitting from my in-laws!)  I love to teach, and I look forward to helping the students succeed in a rigorous course to prepare them for college.

Class Schedule

  • Tutoring (8:00-8:30) Except Wednesdays

    1st (8:55-9:47) English II Pre-AP 
    2nd (9:52-10:45) English II Pre-AP 
    3rd (10:50-11:40) English II Pre-AP 
    4th (11:45-12:35) English IV 
    5th ( 12:40-1:30) English IV
    6th (1:35-2:25) Lunch/Planning
    7th (2:30-3:20) Conference/Planning
    8th (3:25-4:15) English IV