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  • Syllabus - Español 4 Pre-AP



    Course Goals/Objectives: This is an advanced course that includes a rigorous college level curriculum to advance awareness of the variety and diversity of cultures that make up the Spanish speaking world. We will focus on the development and perfection of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to prepare students for mastery of the Spanish language. This course is taught exclusively in Spanish.

    The Secret to Success: To be successful in Spanish IV Pre AP you must make a personal commitment to learning and improving your Spanish skills. An increase in proficiency is expected. I have high standards concerning student conduct and behavior. Students will participate in class activities, be prepared by reviewing and doing assignments at home, ask questions, take notes, be respectful of others, and be honest.

    Tutoring: Let me know in class or in tutoring if you are confused or feel you are falling behind. I want you to be successful in this challenging course! Tutoring will be available on Monday and Thursday mornings at 8:15 or by appointment either before or after school.


    Spanish section in your notebook. These sections are recommended.

    1. Verbos y Gramática 3. Prácticas y Tareas

    2. Información y Cultura

     Each student will need a paperback Spanish/English dictionary.

    A composition notebook to leave in class for writing "diarios".

    Basic supplies: Always have your text, paper, and pens (blue or black)

    Class supplies: Bring one of the following for class use: Box of tissues, package of markers/EXPO dry erase markers, glue/glue stick, one package of colored map pencils, or ruler/scissors (Please see me if there is a problem donating this item.)

    Grading Policy: Spanish IV Pre AP

    Tests, essays, projects, and formal presentations=30%

    Quizzes=20% Quizzes may or may not be announced.

    Homework and daily work=20% Homework is due at the beginning of class. Some assignments are graded on a completion basis while other assignments will be graded for

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