Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science- Kinesiology- Exercise science. Minor- Health

Ms. Sarah De Leon

Greetings, students, parents, and fellow educators!

I am thrilled to join the team as yo rnew health science teacher, ready to inject a surge of excietment and innovation into our program. Together were going to transform learning into an exhilarating journey, packed with engaging projects, hands-on expierence, and a whole lot of fun. My vision is to elevate our Health Science program to new heights, creating a culture of excellence where each student discovers their passion and potential. Get ready to embark on this incredible adventure as we redefine what it means to embrace the world of health science. Let's make our mark and be the proud creators of an exceptional learning experience!

Energetically yours,

Ms. De Leon

  • 7:00AM - 8:50AM | 0 Period Health Science Clinicals

    8:50AM - 9:45AM | 1st Period  Health Science Clinicals

    9:50 AM - 10:45AM | 2nd Period - CONFERENCE

    10:50AM - 11:40AM | 3rd Period Health Science Theory

    11:45AM - 12:35PM |4th Period Prinicples of Health Science

    12:40PM - 1:30PM | 5th period LUNCH

    1:35PM - 2:25PM | 6th period Principles of Health Science

    2:30PM - 3:20PM | 7th period Health Science Theory

    3:25PM - 4:15PM | 8th Period - CONFERENCE