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    Grades 9-12

    Welcome to MacArthur High School, a campus rooted in rich traditions, but driven by innovation. As the founding high school of NEISD, MacArthur carries a long history of excellence and we encourage every student to explore their own pathway to success beyond their high school experience. Like many Brahmas before you, we encourage you to seize all of the wonderful opportunities that MacArthur High School has to offer for your academic and personal growth.


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    MacArthur High School Teachers...

    ...love teaching.

    Our campus has a distinctive and welcoming community that vibrates with our own unique energy and offers children a myriad of opportunities through which they develop pride and fellowship—a journey that prepares them for life, the next grade, and beyond.

    ...are nurturing.

    Discover teachers with a passion to create a safe, warm and welcoming environment in which your students explore their potential. MacArthur High School teachers celebrate individuality, value originality, and recognize that each student learns in different ways. Our teachers recognize the value of creating one-on-one learning opportunities and advocate for your students, your school, and your community.

    ...are innovative.

    Discover teachers at MacArthur High School who constantly seek innovative teaching methods that enhance your student’s learning experiences. Teachers at MacArthur High School embrace strategies that they adapt to serve the individual needs of your student.

    ...are accessible to you.

    MacArthur High School teachers know the value of being approachable and accessible to the parents of their students. Many of our teachers are parents and recognize that collaboration and communication provide input that helps them address a student’s needs. You will find teachers who strive to create a warm and welcoming classroom designed to bring out the best in your student.



MacArthur is the smallest High School within the North East Independent School District, but it always strives to bring the best value to other organizations that are not just on the campus grounds. The teachers always go above and beyond to give the students the resources they need to thrive through the year. They will always go out of their way to guide anyone to the right path when they are struggling.

-Senior Student '23

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    Nobody is more qualified than you to make decisions about your child’s education. You know what is best for your child. You know what makes your child happy, excited, and curious.

    Discover below how we can work together to make sure your child succeeds, achieves, and thrives in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Review Our Daily Schedule & Procedures

    Student and staff safety is always our priority. We must all work together to keep our school safe. Here are some helpful procedures and tips to help our school run efficiently and safely. We appreciate your cooperation with these procedures.

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    Skyward Family Access is where students and parents can find grades, report cards, attendance records, class schedules, and graduation roadmaps.

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  • Set Up Your Student's Lunch Account

    With email and push notifications, parents can stay on top of their student’s account balance. Low balance reminders make sure parents never miss a payment and students always have adequate funds in their account.

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