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MacArthur High SchoolGrades 9 - 12

Welcome to MacArthur High School, a campus rooted in rich traditions, but driven by innovation. As the founding high school of NEISD, MacArthur carries a long history of excellence and we encourage every student to explore their own pathway to success beyond their high school experience. Like many Brahmas before you, we encourage you to seize all of the wonderful opportunities that MacArthur High School has to offer for your academic and personal growth.

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  • 5 School grade number of distinctions.
  • 2 Magnet Programs
  • 43 Advanced Placement & Dual Credit Opportunities
  • 15 15 industry-based certifications offered.
  • 91 Extracurricular engagement opportunities.

Get in Touch

Welcome to MacArthur High School. Your child’s success is our sole goal. Each staff member on this campus is a dedicated professional in their field committed to work with parents, teachers, and the community. Each of us will provide you with the information and help that you require. You will find contact information for our teachers by accessing the staff directory. North East ISD campus administrators such as assistant principals and counselors each have an area of expertise and responsibility. Access the campus staff page for the list of personnel, their responsibilities and contact information. If you are not sure how to proceed simply call 210-356-7600 and tell us how we can assist you and we will connect you with the right person. We’re here to help.

Campus Address

2923 MacArthur View
San Antonio, TX 78217

Who to Call

  • Clinic: 210-356-7696

    What they can help you with: Assistance when student is sick or when student requires medication on campus.

  • Attendance: 210-356-7601

    What they can help you with: Assistance when a student is absent with a note or a student will need to be picked up prior to dismissal.

  • Counselors: 210-356-7625

    What they can help you with: Assistance with Graduation Requirements, Student Schedule Changes, Transcripts, and Verification of Enrollment Form.

  • CCMR Specialist: 210-356-7607

    What they can help you with: Assistance with College Career Military Readiness needs including PSAT, SAT, ASVAB, AP Testing, Scholarships, and Post Secondary Goal Setting

  • STAN Counselor: 210-356-7634

    What they can help you with: Assstance with Crisis/Self Harm Counseling, Suicide Prevention, Mental Health Resources, Campus Clothes Closet.

  • Student & Family Liaison: 210-356-7709

    What they can help you with: Assistance with Food Pantry, Campus Clothes Closet, School Supplies, Parent Resources, Parent Classes.

  • AP Office: 210-356-7703

    What they can help you with: Assistance with Student ID Cards, Parking Permits, Textbooks, Saturday School Sign-up

  • Special Education Office: 210-356-7643

    What they can help you with: Questions for your Case Manager, Scheduling Concerns, Transition, and Testing

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