• The most important thing to remember on campus is that all traffic laws apply. You must have valid insurance and a driver’s license.  Your car must be properly inspected and registered.  You must purchase a current school year parking permit ($30) to drive on campus.

    • Permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis. Sign up for a Parking Pass

    • Permits are non-transferable. Any student found with a permit that was not issued to him/her will receive a citation and lose all parking privileges. Duplicating, stealing, buying, selling, and/or switching permits will result in a citation being issued, loss of parking privileges, and disciplinary action.

    • The speed limit in a parking lot is 10 miles/hour. Citations may be issued for demonstrating excessive speed or driving recklessly on campus.

    • Obey directions given by any teacher, administrator, or police officer controlling traffic.

    • Violation of any traffic rule may result in your being issued citations, either through the school or the San Antonio Police Department.  Repeated violations of the traffic rules or any outstanding campus fines/obligations will result in your losing campus parking privileges and not being allowed to drive on campus. A citation issued through the school may have more than one violation listed on it.  It will have a fine of $30 per violation.  Failure to pay a school ticket could result in further disciplinary action through the school and result in revocation of your campus driving privileges.

    • Remember, when you park on campus, you must have a current school parking permit displayed.  The car must be parked in a marked parking space.  If there is a red curb, it is a fire lane.  Your car may be towed if it is illegally parked in a fire lane. No vehicles may be parallel parked along any curb on campus.  Vehicles may be ticketed if they are improperly parked.

    • Student parking is not allowed in the Faculty Parking Lot (main parking lot on east side of school) unless otherwise approved in advance.

    • Band and Early Release students will be issued RED parking permits and are to park in Band Parking Lot at the back of the main parking lot on the east side of the school near the Cheer Shack and Soccer Field. All vehicles in this lot must be removed by 4:25pm daily during the Fall Semester.

    • All other students will be issued BLUE parking permits and are to park in the student parking lots located by the Softball Field, Tennis Courts, Baseball Field, and Football Field on the west side of the school (or in the back of the main parking lot on the east side of school nearest the Band Parking Lot if approved in advance).

    • Once you arrive on campus, you are to park and proceed directly to the school building.  Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited.

        Using a vehicle to leave campus without proper prior permission (truancy) and/or taking another student from campus without proper prior permission (truancy) may result in the loss of parking privileges.

    • When leaving the west side of campus, remember that the driveway by the Softball Field and Tennis Courts is a two-way street.  Eastside Parking Lot Entrance Only is by the fence closest to the MacArthur Plaza.  Eastside Parking Lot Exit Only is the driveway nearest the school with left and right turn lanes. 

      MacArthur High School is not liable for any damage incurred to vehicles while parked on campus.

      Vehicles parked on or within 300 feet of campus are subject to being searched.  Detection canines are brought on campus at regular intervals.