• Attendance Assistance 

    Submitting an absence excuse, doctor’s note, or college visit letter can be done by either email or fax.


    SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS: Email Sarah Allbright at sallbr@neisd.net

    FRESHMEN AND SENIORS: Email Sabrina Sanchez at ssanch4@neisd.net


    FAX:   210-650-1111


    Attendance Codes

    • E: Excused Absence  (Parent Note Required - 8 per year accepted)

    • U: Unexcused Absence  (No excuse submitted for the absence)

    • X: Extenuating Circumstances  (Dr notes all day, funerals (3 Days only), other administrative approved circumstances)

    • V: Doctor’s Visit  (Temporary absence resulting from an appointment with United States health care professionals for the student OR the student’s child if the student commences classes or returns to school on the same day of the appointment.) 

    • S: School Business   (approved by administration)

    • F: Field Trip   (approved by administration)

    • I: In School Suspension

    • H: Out of School Suspension


    Need a college visit form?  

     Click this link for the College Visit Verification Form   

    Please call the attendance office for more information.   210-356-7600