• Earn an Associate Degree & Industry Certifications in High School

    NEISD has partnered with San Antonio College to bring college degrees and career certification education to high school students. MacArthur UNITED is a unique early college high school (ECHS) that allows students to take college level courses starting their freshman year and earn up to 63 hours of college credit or an Associate Degree in Arts with a focus in either education or business. Through our ECHS, doors will be opened and accessed by a diverse group of students, all while creating an innovative and research-oriented experience that will prepare students for their future careers. Apply to MacArthur UNITED to start your future today!

    Contact Us

    Sarah Moran

    Director of MacArthur UNITED

    Phone: 210-407-0184
  • How Much Does It Cost?

    MacArthur UNITED is completely free! Students do not pay for tuition, books, fees, or transportation. Our ECHS saves students almost $10,000 with our no cost college courses.

  • MacArthur UNITED Aims to:

    • Break Down Barriers—We eliminate tuition, fees, and transportation costs so higher education is accessible to all students, regardless of financial situation.
    • Boost College Readiness—We prepare students for college-level academics and equip them with the skills to excel in college.
    • Provide Access to All—Every student, including historically underserved demographics, can now access elite educational opportunities and support, all at no cost.
    • Gain Real World Experience—Through internships, hands-on learning, and career-related experiences with our labs and partnered businesses, we ensure graduates are career-ready and well prepared for the future.
  • Exclusive Benefits to MacArthur UNITED Students

    • Earn an Associate Degree—While earning their diploma, students have the ability to obtain an associate degree to add to their resumes and academic portfolios when graduating from high school.
    • Career Certifications—In addition to an associate's degree, students can obtain certifications in teaching, food handling, QuickBooks, and more.
    • Transferable Credits—Our ECHS adheres to the CORE 42 Framework, guaranteeing courses are eligible to transfer to any public college or university in Texas.
    • Higher Education Partnerships—Students have the option to take dual credit classes at MacArthur High School and courses located on the SAC campus. As early as 9th grade students will earn college credits, building a foundation for their future.
    • Enrollment with No Prerequisites—We believe that all students, regardless of their academic background, deserve access to this program. We are invested in our students, even providing free transportation from either their home campus to Macarthur or San Antonio College.
    • Summer Bridge—Incoming 8th-grade students partake in an immersive summer program that includes team-building activities, TSI PREP, orientation, field trips, and college visits.
    • Traditional High School Experience—MacArthur UNITED students are part of the MacArthur High School community, with eligibility to participate in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities.
    • Location Flexibility—Students have classes available at MacArthur High School, San Antonio College (SAC), and online to better fit their needs and schedule.

  • Earn Up To 63 College Credits

    We empower students to earn significant college credits alongside their high school diploma.

    9th Grade: 6 Hrs College Credit

    10th Grade: 12 Hrs College Credit

    11th Grade: 21 Hrs College Credit

    12th Grade: 24 Hrs College Credit

    Total Credit Hours: 63 

  • College Degree Pathways

    Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT): The Education Degree Pathway opens doors to a range of teaching careers, with particular focus on elementary education. This pathway allows for immersive, practical learning in education, with students gaining hands-on classroom experience through lab schools set up at local NEISD elementary campuses. NEISD has also implemented a pipeline to help our ECHS teaching graduates secure jobs at NEISD schools after meeting all Texas educational requirements.

    Teaching Pathway Courses

    9th Grade: Intro to College, Speech

    10th Grade: Chemistry OnRamps, Art Appreciation, Intro to Teaching, Special Populations

    11th Grade: Comp I/Comp II, College Algebra, US History I/Us History II, Biology OnRamps

    12th Grade: American Lit/British Lit, Math for Teachers I/ Math For Teachers II, Earth Systems Science Investigations, Solar System Lecture, Economic Principles, Federal Government, Texas Government

  • Associate of Arts with Business Emphasis: The Business Pathway allows students to explore high-demand fields like accounting, finance, hospitality, tourism, and culinary arts. This allows them to gain real-world experience and transition seamlessly into business careers after graduation. Through partnerships with local businesses, we provide internship opportunities and job placement straight out of high school.

    Business Pathway Courses

    9th Grade: Intro to College, Business Computer Applications, Business Principles

    10th Grade: Intro to professional communication, Art Appreciation, Chemistry OnRamps, Principles of Financial Accounting

    11th Grade: Comp I/Comp II, College Algebra, US History I/Us History II, Biology OnRamps, Principles of Managerial Accounting

    12th Grade: American Lit/Brit Lit, Math for Business Majors, Intro to Economics, Microeconomics, Federal Government, Texas Government