• Recent & Upcoming Productions

    Date: October 12th - 13th @7pm, October 14th @ 2:30pm & 7pm
    Location: MacArthur - Auditorium Tickets $10-$20
    Senior Star card holders admitted free of charge (subject to seating availability).
    Twelfth Noche
    Date: October 26th - 27th @ 7pm, October 28th @ 2:30 pm & 7pm
    Location: MacArthur - Black Box Tickets $10-$20
    Senior Star card holders admitted free of charge (subject to seating availability).
    Date: January 25th - 26th @ 7pm, January 27th @ 2:30 & 7pm
    Location: MacArthur - Auditorium Tickets $10-$20
    Senior Star card holders admitted free of charge (subject to seating availability).

  • North East ISD is proud of its talented and strong theatre programs. The award-winning Theatre Arts program of North East ISD provides opportunities for students to develop their creative talents.

    Classroom training and campus theatrical productions allow students to explore and create through the development of acting skills, physical movement, use of make-up, costuming, lighting, sound, set design and construction.


    We welcome all students to join theatre any time during their secondary school career, we encourage students to start their theatre journey in sixth grade and enjoy the sequential curriculum through high school and beyond.


    High School theatre students are highly involved in many productions throughout the year to include a school-wide musical, a full season of shows as well as University Interscholastic League (UIL) contests and other competitive festivals.

    The Theatre program at NEISD is designed to provide a venue for creative expression and performance. The student is taught to analyze and evaluate dramatic texts as a basis for considering themes, time periods, settings, literary styles and characters. The student develops concepts, using elements of drama and conventions of theatre, and applies design, directing, and theatre production concepts and skills. In the advanced theatre classes, the student casts and directs duet scenes, analyzes the role of actor, ensemble, and director in production decision making, and produces a unified theatrical production.

    General Theatre Course offerings:

    • Theatre I – IV H5900, H5905, H5906, H5907
    • Technical Theatre I – IV H5920, H5925, H5930, H5931
    • Theatre Production I – IV H5910, H5915, H5916, H5917

    Awards and Lettering Policy

    Types of Awards


    • A student meeting all lettering requirements the first time earns a letter jacket.
    • Only one jacket may be earned by a student during their career on your campus.
    • The jacket will come with a letter attached.


    • A student meeting the lettering requirements for the first time in your organization and has already earned a letter jacket through another organization.

    Metal Bar Insert

    • A student meeting the lettering requirements for the second, third, and fourth time earns a metal bar insert.

    Criteria for Student Awards

    1. Students must earn 20 points in order to letter for the first time. Points will rollover each year. Succeeding lettering requirement is the accumulation of 10 points within a year.



    a. UIL Theatrical Design—State Qualification


    b. UIL Theatrical Design—State Qualification Top Six Placement


    c. UIL One Act Play—Honorable Mention All-Star Cast Award


    d. UIL One Act Play—Each Cast and Crew of Advancing Plays


    e. UIL One Act Play—All-Star Cast Award


    f. UIL One Act Play—Best Acting Award


    g. Uil One Act Play—Cast and Crew Placing in Top Three at State Contest


    h. Productions—stage manager  or a main role in a production


    i. Productions—assistant stage manager or  minor speaking role in a production


    j. Productions—minor non-speaking role or crew in a production


    2. In addition to achieving required amount of points, the student must complete the year in good standing based on the director’s discretion.

    Letter Design

    The word “Band” is vertically displayed on the letter.

Additional Information