• Orchestra programs in NEISD are among the best in Texas. Beginning with our 5th Grade Strings program, students embark upon a journey of musical excellence in which they have the opportunity to become master musicians and gain an unparalleled appreciation for and love of music. Orchestra programs in NEISD consistently earn sweepstakes awards at UIL Concert and Sightreading contests. Many of our orchestra students earn a chair in the TMEA Texas All-State Orchestra.

    The many successes within our music programs have created a strong sense of pride within our district and have resulted in NEISD being the most desirable community in which to work and live. Due to our master directors and teachers, supportive community, and talented students, NEISD will certainly continue on the path of excellence in all of our Fine Arts programs.


    Our students receive world-class training and countless performance opportunities throughout their elementary, middle, and high school musical careers.

    At the end of 8th grade, the high school orchestra directors will reach out to all 8th-grade orchestra students with information on how to join the high school orchestra program. Sometimes students will perform a quick evaluation toward the end of the school year so they can be placed in the correct 9th-grade orchestra class based on their ability. Students should select “Orchestra” on their high school choice sheet.

    Orchestra programs in NEISD consistently earn sweepstakes awards at UIL Concert and Sight-reading evaluations. Many of our orchestra students earn chairs in the TMEA Texas All-State Orchestra and enjoy success at the region, area, and state level as soloists and as members of award-winning ensembles. Our string students are exposed to chamber ensembles, mariachi opportunities, full symphony orchestras, musical pit orchestras, and so much more!


    Many of our programs also have a small fee associated with membership, which helps to offset the cost of performances, travel, uniforms, guest clinicians, competitions, music arrangements, and much more. These fees can often be fully paid through fundraisers during the school year.

    Orchestra: NEISD Awards and Lettering Policy

    Types of Awards:


    • A student meeting all lettering requirements the first time earns a letter jacket.
    • Only one jacket may be earned by a student during their career on your campus.
    • The jacket will come with a letter attached.


    • A student meeting the lettering requirements for the first time in your organization and has already earned a letter jacket through another organization.

    Metal Bar Insert

    • A student meeting the lettering requirements for the second, third, and fourth time earns a metal bar insert.

    Criteria for Student Awards

    1. Students must earn 20 points in order to letter for the first time. Points will rollover each year. Succeeding lettering requirement is the accumulation of 10 points within a year.



    a. Orchestra Officer


    b. Student Worker for Campus Hosted TMEA/UIL Event

    1 per event (2 maximum)

    c. TMEA Region Orchestra / Philharmonic Auditions


    d. TMEA Region Symphony String Audition


    e. TMEA Region Symphony All-State Recording


    f. TMEA Region Orchestra Clinic and Concert


    g. TMEA All-State Member


    h. UIL Concert and Sight Reading Contest (Sweepstakes Award ONLY)

    3 per event (6 maximum)

    i. UIL District Solo/Ensemble Division 1

    2 per event (4 maximum)

    j. UIL State Solo/Ensemble Division 1

    3 per event (6 maximum)

    2. In addition to achieving required amount of points, the student must complete the year in good standing based on the director’s discretion.

    Letter Design

    The word “Orchestra” is vertically displayed on the letter.

Additional Information