Elizabeth Harris

Phone: 210-356-7600


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in English with concentration in Professional Writing and Reading Certifications in English Language Arts and Reading

Elizabeth Harris

     Ms. Harris grew up in Northern Virginia, near Washington D.C.  Her "teaching" career began the summer after fourth grade, when she held summer school in the basement for her younger brother and several neighborhood children.
     When the Viet Nam war ended, many orphaned children were relocated to the D.C. area. For the next two summers, Ms. Harris volunteered as a camp counselor - helping orphans learn to speak English and adapt to their new life in America. These children taught her so much, and Ms. Harris treasures the time she spent with them. Several years later, a military transfer brought her family to San Antonio, Texas.
     With six years as a pre-kinder teacher, two years as a special education aid, twenty-six years teaching children and adults to swim, raising her daughters, and working in corporate America for a decade under her belt, Ms. Harris returned to her initial educational goal of teaching English and Reading at the high school level.  Before joining the Mac Arthur High School faculty, Ms. Harris also spent two years teaching remedial reading and writing at UTSA and two years working with students through a reading intervention program in several local high schools. 
     Ms. Harris is an avid SPURS fan who also enjoys reading, listening to live music, volunteering, spending time in the hill country, and dabbling with photography.

Class Announcements

Class Schedule

  • 1st pd   9:00 to 9:50     Academic Literacy II
    2nd pd  9:55 to 10:51   Conference (Tardy Sweep)
    3rd pd  10:56 to 11:45  Academic Literacy II
    4th pd  11:50 to 12:39  Lunch (Tardy Sweep)
    5th pd  12:44 to 1:33    Academic Literacy I
    6th pd  1:38 to 2:27    Academic Literacy II
    7th pd  2:32 to 3:21    Academic Literacy III
    8th pd  3:26 to 4:15    Academic Literacy I