Degrees and Certifications:

BA-History and Anthropology MA-History SBEC Certified Special Education EC-12 Social Studies Composite 8-12 Tutoring: M,W,F 8:00-8:45 AM

Adam D. Compton

I grew up an army brat, and have no one true hometown I came from.  As it stands, I've been in San Antonio for 10 years now, find it utterly fascinating here (trust me on that), and expect to finish out my teaching career here.

I hold a double majored BA in History and Anthropology along with an MA in History.  While my coursework focused on race studies in American History, I wrote my MA thesis on the history of comic book creators trying to retain the copyrights to their creations...basically, I did a 50 page short history book on how we went from selling Superman to DC Comics for $180 to Eastman and laird still holding the copyrights and getting A LOT of moeny off the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they created in the 80s..the primary sources I read sure beat reading piles of State Department documents or insurance records!

Over my career thus far, I spent six years teaching AP World History and Debate, and rating AP World History exams for the College Board.  After that, I spent another six years teaching at Holmgreen Center, an NISD special education campus exclusively for students exhibiting dangerous behaviors stemming from mental health issues....there are a few history books still unwritten when it comes to that topic area.  Nonetheless, after Holmgreen, I applied to, and was hired to teach at Mac.

This is my fourth year at Mac where I teach AP/Dual Credit U.S. History, World Geography, and African American Studies, and I love it here.  We're just outside the inner loop of global sized city sporting a population that sits at the intersection of so many different experiences.  Like SA, Mac is not defined by any one culture group.  The classrooms here bring a diverse range of students that more or less represent a cross section of American society, and VERY few schools offer that. 


  • 1st period: AP/DC US History   

    2nd period: AP/DC US History 


    3rd period: AP Capstone/M.U.N.

    4th period: African American Studies 

    6th period: Lunch

    7th period: World Geography

    8th Period: African American Studies




    M,W,F 8:00-8:45 AM