Degrees and Certifications:

Earned a Master of Arts Degree in Japanese Pedagogy at Columbia University in New York.

Ms. Tokiko Powell

ようこそ日本語のクラスへ!Yokoso!  My name is Mrs. Tokiko Powell.  I was born and raised in Saitama-prefecture, which is about 60 minutes away from Tokyo, Japan. After being an elementary school teacher for several years in Japan, I wanted to increase my skills and specialize in Japanese pedagogy. I earned a Master's degree at Columbia University in New York in 2020. You can see what kind of fun activities I've been doing with the Japanese class and the club if you click here 👉Tokiko Sensei's homepage

I love to travel and explore, and knowing English as well as Japanese helps me to enjoy these experiences to the fullest. I’ve had the incredible opportunity to travel to many countries and I’ve lived in three different countries where my ability to speak the local language was crucial. Learning a foreign language can lead to amazing adventures around the world as well as exciting career opportunities.

Your journey begins TODAY-I am excited to see where your study of a foreign language will lead you!

Class Schedule

  •   ~Tokiko Sensei's schedule~  


    • 1st Period・・・JAPANESE I
    • 2nd Period・・・JAPANESE I
    • 3rd Period・・・JAPANESE II / Japanese II Honors
    • 4th Period・・・ JAPANESE III /Japanese III Honors/AP Japanese 
    • 5th Period・・・JAPANESEII / Japanese II Honors
    • 6th Period・・・Lunch
    • 7th Period・・・JAPANESE I

  • ~Cafe Japan~Cafe Japan

    Tutoring Hours *by appointment only

    Tuesday: 4:20-4:50pm


    Location: D145